Upside Down Painting

This is after I painted upside down to get proportions right. It helps the brain see what is rather than see what it thinks it sees. 


I think I can finish the painting upside down. I hope to let it dry enough to be able to show contrast. If the paint is wet, the colors blend together.

I need a translucent fleshtone. Mine is solid and is a dud to work with. 

To get skin color, use dark red and green first. Let it dry. Then, add layers of white, brown, peach, and orange.  Let those dry. Use more and more oil with each layer. 

Tackling Very Difficult

My mind likes to measure up and down, but not left to right. This makes my faces look long. 

So far, here is how I’m problem solving: 

1. Look at the two pictures upside down.

2. Take two pictures, make them tiny, and compare side to side ...while squinting.  

 “while squinting” is my new learning today.

3. Do #2 upside down.  



It was a surprise to realize and remember that I started the painting thinking his left earlobe was too low, so I shortened it.  

Now that I’m near the end of this painting, I’m paying for it.

I thought this painting was way off. After I did #3, there are just two main things that need fixing.

1. His lower lip is a hair too thick on the bottom, so just put a small line of light under it.

2. The right smile line vertical with his nose is too dark.

Here’s to fixing this up tomorrow and getting this puppy good!

Sunday Progress

Here is my progress on the pieces I’m working on.


This was my third session. I worked on it while working at Arts of Snohomish. I added dark blue and brown. 



This was my third long session. I added red and blue all over.  I put a lot of work into his face to get more specific. I think I can get him done in one or two more sessions.



This was her fourth session at least. Next, I’ll add more contrast/specific details to her hair.


I’ve been painting to cassette tapes of my Great Grandma Alice’s life stories. I hope to paint her before our family Apple Squeeze next October. 


Here is my current wall at Arts of Snohomish:


Three Finished

Drying as fast as they can! 

Hopefully, I’ll be able to hang these tomorrow at Arts of Snohomish. 

Great News: I got three paintings accepted to the adjudicated show at the Cannon Beach Gallery called, Home and Abroad. I sent them four boxes today. They’ll be getting a lot of new prints and cards as well.


Sand Snake


Big Four Ice Caves

My husband wants me to do more detail on her face. When I add her features, it looks a little silly, but I’ll keep trying. Here’s the pic I’m working from:


I decided to not use green because I wanted it to be about her angle and dress in a harsh epic place. A fearless girl. My daughter!


High Noon

The secret to painting sand is to add... Blue!!! I was pretty excited to figure this out. You’re welcome. 


These are the three original oil paintings that were accepted by Cannon Beach Arts Association: Nike Bunker, Nest in a Rhododendron, and Orca Harmony.


Here’s my progress on Epic Battle Charge!  Eventually, the front horse will look realistic. Basically, I just keep building layers of contrast. So, tomorrow I’ll darken the nostrils and shadows. Then, I’ll bring out the light parts. Keep being more specific, telling the story, and seeing better and better. I think my seeing skill is actually what I’m doing when I paint. I’m not painting, I’m more like seeing better and better and figuring out the puzzle.

Kristi’s Painting

After my third or fourth day, I finally had some success on Kristi’s painting.  


I hope to look at a different picture of a large stump to get that part better. For the background, I will bring out more specific branches. I’m going to let him dry and then work on it for one more week: the left side of his nose, his right eye, pants, shoes, arms, and chainsaw. I need to see another picture of a hard hat. Mine is too flat.

My payment for this one is a trade: I get a photo shoot with my horse.  CRM Photography is on the cover of Welsh Magazine last month. I’ll paint the picture and submit it to the Emerald Downs Thoroughbred Art Show.

Seven Paintings today!

Here are the paintings I started today: 


This is my daughter at the Big Four Ice Caves. I might not add green. 


This one I painted in 49 min start to finish. It’s a 5x7.


My husband wants me to leave it gritty. Light is my first priority on this one.  


I’m starting to see more color in things. Love it!


Here is my favorite character: Cersei! This is layer 1 session 1. I’ll make her perfect. I picked an antique gold baroque oval frame for it already. I wanted a curly one, but they didn’t come in 11x14, even on Esty.


Here are the paintings I also worked on today:  


I think he’s finished. I’ll take a pro picture in the morning light. Tip for getting a good picture of paintings with your phone: Morning Light. Go outside. Gray sky. Sun shining on it so no shine marks are showing.


This is my Great Grandma Yetta. I was a wild woman and added neon green. She wanted that color for her funeral dress, but her family wouldn’t do it.  


This one I’m deciding whether or not to make him lighter than the background. The picture I’m looking at has the background lighter than the person posing.  I have to get this one perfect and it’s a challenge.