Done with Moai Totem Pole

I'm done in three sessions. Here is: MOAI TOTEM POLE.

Special thanks to my friend since NMHS in Belfair, Minta for giving me input! Shoutout to my husband, Ryan for giving me input a couple times along the way. They both advised me to not color the Cheerios red or blue as it would take away from the cool statues. Ryan suggested that I gradually get darker from left to right -it used to be even more starkly contrasted.

Hope someone likes this! Parts of it I like for sure and it was fun to make.

It turns out I love Moai and want to go to Easter Island someday to see them in person. I could draw these statues all day and the more I draw them, the more I get to know them. They are so incredibly unique and I believe accurate to the actual person they represent. Each one has idiosyncrasies that remind me of certain people I know (I like to pretend that the bottom middle one is my ancestor). When I was drawing them, I more or less stopped when I felt like I finally did that person justice and got to know their face enough to comprehend who they were.

It would be super cool if in drawing these statues, I documented tattoos, lineage, heritage, weathering, ideology, war, history and evolution. At least, that's what I was thinking about when drawing them. Usually these statues are just caricatures, so I feel good about my MOAI TOTEM BOSS from Gradius III!  

Next drawing =

I'm thinking a mermaid, maybe with a whale shark in the background, with rainbow light shining through her floating hair as she looks at you with my eyes but cooler. I want it to be the size of a huge wall up high in our house eventually. I'm supposed to be inspired by an arcade for this next drawing/painting. I may need some encouragement to paint with oil, but that is a pretty classy medium and makes for great prints.


Finished! Gradius III Fire Dragon.

I think I'm finished.

This is the Fire Dragon Boss from SNES Gradius III. It's made with colored pencil. I signed it, "Hilma Josal 2017". 

Every drawing has its limit and I think I'm there with this one. Time to move on.

My next drawing will be of the Moai Boss in Gradius III ...I think. Ancient stuff is up my alley, so I believe I'll have fun doing it.

It was interesting trying to draw something that's been drawn a billion times -a dragon. I don't believe I mastered drawing fire or space at all yet. I should have done more research on that. But, I had fun and invented some things like: 1. Erasing the boarders, 2. Going outside the boarders, 3. Circle scales (I gained that skill doing disco swirls on cards I'd make for friends in high school), 4. ... well, I wish I had invented four things. I really just "invented" one thing: playing with the boarder -specifically, erasing the boarder.  


PS the jet is flying through it and this is my take on the part where the dragon circles the jet.

fire dragon mouth
That is one handsome dragon.

That is one handsome dragon.