Finished! Gradius III Fire Dragon.

I think I'm finished.

This is the Fire Dragon Boss from SNES Gradius III. It's made with colored pencil. I signed it, "Hilma Josal 2017". 

Every drawing has its limit and I think I'm there with this one. Time to move on.

My next drawing will be of the Moai Boss in Gradius III ...I think. Ancient stuff is up my alley, so I believe I'll have fun doing it.

It was interesting trying to draw something that's been drawn a billion times -a dragon. I don't believe I mastered drawing fire or space at all yet. I should have done more research on that. But, I had fun and invented some things like: 1. Erasing the boarders, 2. Going outside the boarders, 3. Circle scales (I gained that skill doing disco swirls on cards I'd make for friends in high school), 4. ... well, I wish I had invented four things. I really just "invented" one thing: playing with the boarder -specifically, erasing the boarder.  


PS the jet is flying through it and this is my take on the part where the dragon circles the jet.

fire dragon mouth
That is one handsome dragon.

That is one handsome dragon.