ELS Medieval Fair 2017 tomorrow

Today I bought a new tent, gathered my things, and tried to finish my ambitious painting in preparation for the ELS (Equine Life Solutions) Medieval Fair featuring the Seattle Knights. My family is going and I'm a vendor selling my oil paintings. My girls will be in velvet queenly ramen and I'll probably be the red woman with a unicorn chalice. Thank you to my friend Chrissie for getting me in! I am pretty excited to get to be around horses and painting tomorrow. Hopefully I'll stay warm outsite from 9am - 6pm in the rain. Bring me hot beverages please:)!


Closer and closer! I hope to get Jon's leather jacket looking right. This is very obscured since I drew it free hand so it's a puzzle trying to compensate for disproportionate things like his waste and arm.  Ahh I gotta add his sword still!