The M M Mega Painting

Adding color and trying to get the shapes right. 


Jon will be gray-blue-dark brown with extreme shine eventually. I'll add his sword last. I need to fix the horses on the right. Their ears and bodies aren't quite right yet. The beautiful thing about painting is that everything is fixable and changeable. The key is to be brave and honest enough to actually change it.

Did I mention that Oct. 1st is my deadline? Ahh! Time to crank out as much as possible! 


Worked on the right side a lot today and added green for an undertone eventually. Super duper ambitious painting! 


Fixed the left horses ears (which was a big effort), redid the right horse's nostrils, tried to rework the background and made Jon darker. His waist is looking too thick, so I'll be figuring out what's going wrong there. The brown horse is a bit funky in proportions. This might take all year. But, when I get it, it will be very awesome!


Looked at the brown horse some more.