Last Day NWPAS

On the last day, I finished my plein air painting and it sold to a person that had me add his son in the picture. That was very difficult but I nailed it thanks to painting straight for three days. Another person wanted the painting and said they'd pay double for me to draw it again. He is buying it for his friend. Turns out he lives by me and I've played trumpet for his business.

I sold the arcade room picture to a man that really liked it. He was holding it and looking at it in his hands like it was really special and cool.  One of my dragon prints sold like this too. Totally made my day! They liked it as much as me and I was totally surprised they felt the same way yayyyyy:)!

I dressed up as the red woman on the last day. My new friend Vicky, that was super bored of games due to this being her 7th three-day arcade convention, decided to helped me at the table. She's a really good artist and does a great blue dog and flying eyeball. 


"Ready to serve muh lord." "I'm not ready! "


Thank you!!