NWPAS 2017

So many people were nice to me at NWPAS.

First up, my choir student for about 5 years went with me. She was willing to give up her weekend and drive to Tacoma two days in a row and sit at a table doing nothing for hours  for me. She is a saint and I...

#1) Will remember her kindness the rest of my life.

#2) No other person would ever do that at that age for their teacher haha:).

Second Huge Thanks = Ms. Naysha, Mom and Dad J and the Yantis' for taking care of Ayla and Lana so we can do this.  


First thing at the show, Dominique helped me put up my art, bent my hooks with tools he had and gave us a toor of Galactic Girl pinball machine he designed and built. On the second day, John Youssi a famous illustrator and speaker at this convention, told me that I was a plein air artist from impressionistic era. That totally made my day!

First Time Awesomes:

I got to sign Dominique's NWPAS book. I signed an autograph. Maybe he thought I was someone else haha sorry!

I got to be on YouTube tv: Mad Bros Media. Wow, that was a fantasy come true.

I made some friends. Two young people drew with me and drew me pictures!! I drew Vicky a king snake. She drew me an eyeball stabbed and flying. The other person was an 8 year old girl that loved to paint in oil. 

I saw some friends!! I got to see Amy and Forest Cooper! I got to see Tue, my husband's best friend from Point Inside came to the show just for him. Wowwww that was cool. Nothing like knowing someone in a first time slightly scary situation.

My face is now painted with an epic unicorn by Reece. She is the most phenomenal artist and super kind and modest. A total goddess. 

I'm very happy to have this dream come true!!

Thanks everyone for being so kind and encouraging me. See you tomorrow at the last day of NWPAS 2017 woooo!!!!


Plein Air Artist!!!!