Little Ones

I'm doing as many small paintings I can now. Here's the start of Bug Princess Mushihimesama Futari screen shot. 

My 20 professional gicleé prints arrived and I've packaged them mostly (I need more 11x20 boarders). Today I ordered a cooler table cloth (rainbow painty) and Pac Man leggings. I'm going to borrow art display gear on Thursday from a truly amazing artist and person, Sir Hillgrove. My very awesome choir student (for four years) is helping me show for three full days. We have our daughters' teacher willing to take care of thrm for three days ahhhhh poor Ms. Naysha.

All this and I haven't really heard back other than a brief email, so eish me luck!! I think I've invested about three or four thousand dollars towards this aspiration (travel, website, lessons, supplies, prints, professional scans, substitute, baby sitter, clothes etc.). Hopefully I get to do this! If not, I'll try to "rethink my inks". "Now you can see what I'm up against." (We love you, Chris Farley!)

Anyway, say a little prayer for me. Help me keep painting and send me some luck.  



I may have figured out how to add and creatively misuse a boarder stamp. 


In the beginning.  Hey, it contrasts with my others. I gotta figure out how to add neon pink. Is that possible with oils?