LOOM Finished

This is [my husband, Ryan, posing as] Bobbin Threadbare from the Amiga game, LOOM. It took thee or four full days to complete. Notice the shine on the rock?


The rock was made with metallic powder.  


Bobbin in the game has a black face and blue eyes and when forced to show his face in the game, the mean guys die. So, I had fun drawing what his face looks like. As usual, I did pretty well on the feet for some reason. The rock was the most difficult. My teacher said to look at real rocks and even then, for two days, Ryan was like, "No, that doesn't look hard." 


This is before I realized the horizon wasn't square. Doh! Love that blue, though!


This is after I "fixed" it.  Dusk made it look even bluer. Taking pictures of the art outside gets the best results. 

My next painting will probably be The Last Unicorn just because I like it, but I should focus on pinball n arcade for the June 9th-11th NWPAS in Tacoma that I'll be at showing my art for the first time.