NWPAS Here I Come!

I got accepted to show my art at NWPAS!!! Thank you to Ryan!

I am very excited and need to get: 1. Card swiper 2. Standing sign 3. Cool table cloth 4. Outfit 5. Music? 6. Freebees 7. Prints 8. Professional scans 9. Ways to display ID-ers and finally, 10. More paintings, baby woo!

Huge Announcement: I also get to have an oil painting lesson series with Jamie Bollenbach (who is phenomenally awesome) starting on Tuesday!!!  This is my very first painting lesson/class. 

Another Happening: My very awesome student said that her dad, who is a professional artist, is willing to help me with all things art showing.  

Wow, I'm so lucky.  

Here is my progress on my pinball mermaid! I'm pretty sure the left eye is wrong. Too far to the left? Is it saveable or just move on to the next painting? Ryan wants me to bring this to my lesson with Jamie, so wish me luck on that.



Well it's a valiant effort. 


I need to add some brown on that strand of hair turning into a chunk. 


Her lip color is off still. More orangey salmon color instead?


Love how I left off part of the M. Gotta draw it as I see it!