Almost finished, hurry up, Hilma!

I am pushing myself to finish this painting so I can focus on my oil lesson with Jamie on Tuesday. 

For my lesson, I am thinking I'll paint my daughters and not Hillbilly Hotties espresso stand ...because it does take a lot of energy to paint and it's probably healthier and more useful to spend energy on something positive.

Jamie said, "Draw what you want to know more about."

I think this means draw what you're interested in, and idk if I'm "interested" in my kids per se, but I think they do qualify for good art, no? Justification: I do like them, I've gotta be around them all the time, they might learn something, and maybe they can have the art when I'm done.

My parents had me professionally drawn by Al Barney or maybe actually Bootie (both awesome people) and I do like that drawing a lot!


I was super brave and tackled the top (which is in rainbow & says, "7,6,5,4,3,2,1,Million"), her mouth (for the billionth time), watched a video on how to do bubbles, did most of it on the bottom, cleaned up edges, added hair, added fish bubbles and more white on her whole bod. I need to do the seaweed on her chest and make the top decent still.

How the heck am I going to sign this thing? 

Bubbles look okay now? 

Bubbles look okay now? 

Big question: How do I balance the bright blue on the left with my attempt to be realistic on the right?  Take away the bright blue or add bright blue in the gray water or wall or sky? 


I try not to make more work for myself but once I had the idea in my mind, I couldn't live with myself not to go there. Too bad I drew it poorly the first time heh oops:).