Prints Arrived

Hurray! My first prints arrived! With my three trial prints, I love the largest top one of the three below. I learned that "Elegance Velvet" with "Gloss Lamination" is what I want a lot of my art printed on in the future. I also learned to not get anything smaller than 8x10 because it's surprisingly small for a painting. Also, if I get a metal print, I should definitely go with a white bass -not just print directly on the metal. I am really happy with one of the three prints. Haha the others are surprisingly bad. Check out how unfortunately lame the metal print is. The matte print is difficult to judge because I uploaded the "wrong" image (I took a chance and uploaded one my uncle fiddled with because it had cooler colors... I may have messed up, so let's just say it was my fault). Anywho, I'm excited to start selling and scan my Weeping Willow next. Ps, if you can identify the background of this pic, you are awesome!!!