7 GoT Portraits in 2 months


I’m getting much faster. Last year, I only had two portraits for Con of Thrones in one year. I also completed these paintings in January and February: 


That’s 16 quality oil paintings in less than two months. Go me.  

I want to start painting music, but it’s not going so well yet because I’m kind of inventing the wheel. So far, I’ve transcribed melodies with lines, described music with words, and danced around. My teacher said to start with a color. 

I also want to start painting things that have meaning to me, but might come off weird.  

None of this will probably qualify to get into a magazine, but I want to be the best painter that ever lived.  

I also want to paint what I see, not what actually is. 

My goal is to document what it is to exist and be a human, similar to a person that creates a story with movies/books/songs, but to show the world there’s more and those things can’t represent something we have: eye balls. I must note that how we see is relative to how we feel, so our “souls” might be documented too, but idk if we actually have souls. I’m thinking everything we are is learned. Hey, if dogs scientifically don’t feel guilt, can we scientifically prove that we have guilt? Shut up and draw, Hilma. Hey, this is what makes me a good artist.


Just thinking that these might be good to paint because there’s contrast figuratively (like contrast of all things, not just light, but also contrast of texture) and meaning.