Three Finished

Drying as fast as they can! 

Hopefully, I’ll be able to hang these tomorrow at Arts of Snohomish. 

Great News: I got three paintings accepted to the adjudicated show at the Cannon Beach Gallery called, Home and Abroad. I sent them four boxes today. They’ll be getting a lot of new prints and cards as well.


Sand Snake


Big Four Ice Caves

My husband wants me to do more detail on her face. When I add her features, it looks a little silly, but I’ll keep trying. Here’s the pic I’m working from:


I decided to not use green because I wanted it to be about her angle and dress in a harsh epic place. A fearless girl. My daughter!


High Noon

The secret to painting sand is to add... Blue!!! I was pretty excited to figure this out. You’re welcome. 


These are the three original oil paintings that were accepted by Cannon Beach Arts Association: Nike Bunker, Nest in a Rhododendron, and Orca Harmony.


Here’s my progress on Epic Battle Charge!  Eventually, the front horse will look realistic. Basically, I just keep building layers of contrast. So, tomorrow I’ll darken the nostrils and shadows. Then, I’ll bring out the light parts. Keep being more specific, telling the story, and seeing better and better. I think my seeing skill is actually what I’m doing when I paint. I’m not painting, I’m more like seeing better and better and figuring out the puzzle.