Today at Arts of Snohomish

Today, I painted upside down.  It’s a trick to paint objectively and measure more accurately.


My Great Grandma is signed and framed.  Hope Uncle Herb likes it!


My horses are hanging for sale $299. I could work on this more, but want to crank them out first. My goal is 20 new GoT paintings by July. 7 more portraits (Cersei, Melisandre, Jaime, n whomever is at the Con), 2 more battles, 3 more animals, 3 landscapes, 2+ nudes, 1 more rose, 2 still life. I already have: 3 portraits (Shae, Quaithe, Dany), 2 battles (both bastards), 4 animals (wolf, raven, horses), 1 red rose, 1 wine glass. I also want to paint books and George RR Martin. 


I have to paint a Love Theme picture in a couple of days. It will probably be two horses  arching their necks into a heart. I’ll bring out red hues.

Why so many horses? 

1. Con of Thrones in July

2. Applying to paint horses in Hungary, application due soon.

3. Emerald Downs art festival

4. My window theme in August is horses


1. To apply to get my art in a magazine