Seven Paintings today!

Here are the paintings I started today: 


This is my daughter at the Big Four Ice Caves. I might not add green. 


This one I painted in 49 min start to finish. It’s a 5x7.


My husband wants me to leave it gritty. Light is my first priority on this one.  


I’m starting to see more color in things. Love it!


Here is my favorite character: Cersei! This is layer 1 session 1. I’ll make her perfect. I picked an antique gold baroque oval frame for it already. I wanted a curly one, but they didn’t come in 11x14, even on Esty.


Here are the paintings I also worked on today:  


I think he’s finished. I’ll take a pro picture in the morning light. Tip for getting a good picture of paintings with your phone: Morning Light. Go outside. Gray sky. Sun shining on it so no shine marks are showing.


This is my Great Grandma Yetta. I was a wild woman and added neon green. She wanted that color for her funeral dress, but her family wouldn’t do it.  


This one I’m deciding whether or not to make him lighter than the background. The picture I’m looking at has the background lighter than the person posing.  I have to get this one perfect and it’s a challenge.