Tackling Very Difficult

My mind likes to measure up and down, but not left to right. This makes my faces look long. 

So far, here is how I’m problem solving: 

1. Look at the two pictures upside down.

2. Take two pictures, make them tiny, and compare side to side ...while squinting.  

 “while squinting” is my new learning today.

3. Do #2 upside down.  



It was a surprise to realize and remember that I started the painting thinking his left earlobe was too low, so I shortened it.  

Now that I’m near the end of this painting, I’m paying for it.

I thought this painting was way off. After I did #3, there are just two main things that need fixing.

1. His lower lip is a hair too thick on the bottom, so just put a small line of light under it.

2. The right smile line vertical with his nose is too dark.

Here’s to fixing this up tomorrow and getting this puppy good!