New Level

Yesterday, I developed a plan to take my art to a new level. My life goal is to draw music, so I started to tackle that! I have recorded audio descriptions ontop of the songs I get vivid imagery from. I achieved this by recording on my phone my thoughts while playing the song on the Tesla’s search engine. Best use of driving time ever.

I am going to start with Orion, by Metallica. I am going to start with one image of a small white house and use strokes that express the music. My plan is to be able to show in the painting where each musical idea, phrase, form, and conversation exists. Then, I’m going to make a simple music video out of it with my husband’s band performing the song.

Normally, I start with an image, but this time, I’m going to paint from the right side of my brain, and then make it look realistic by finding similar images as needed.  

My next goal is to visually transcribe and meld my visions and existance to the song, Would You Ever by Skrillex and Poo Bear. That one is set in an airport. That one is more about movement and showing three dimensional melodic lines.

I’m really really really excited about this. Watch out, world! I am the kind of person that will actually achieve this and follow through. Tonight, I will document my progress here. Wish me luck! 

This is a good one I made as well.

A new way to get ideas for painting.


Here is Orion. It’s a lot of ideas and will take more work to look good. Basically, it’s a band practice in a small white city house with a sunsetting on it, sea creatures, colorful melodic lines, and Scottish dancing men dancing in pine needles.

This painting inspired a video celebrating my failures/learning.