Lighthouse for Cannon Beach

I am doing a mega push to finish today a lighthouse painting for the Cannon Beach Art Gallery this Thursday-Sunday for the Plein Air Festival. Here’s how I’m starting out today with a smaller brush and adding two more colors. 

I will be begging Ben Franklin to frame it wet tomorrow. I’m always to the wire because it takes me a 5 to 12 hrs a day for a week for a big oil painting like this. This leaves zero dry time. Two or three of my colleagues recommend switching to acrylics for this reason, but... I don’t want to. I like to push paint around and I like to fix my mistakes. I don’t want it to dry fast. I’m a paint carver. Also, how many acrylic paintings sell for a million dollars?

My goal for this one is to figure out this visual puzzle and also get a smooth glass texture and contrast it with light, metal and a fabric curtain on the back left there. If I’m good I can achieve some holes between the prisms.