Phil and Chris

Here is my work so far on this double portrait surrounded by PNW scenery. I combined old and new pictures of Phil and Chris to get this look. Basically, I kept their faces and changed their hair. Hopefully, it’s accurate.


Challenges are:

1. How do I combine the two scenes in the center? Add the snowy mountain on top and a sliver of green? 

2. Letting a layer of paint dry. If I don’t do this, I easily ruin the painting by not being specific enough. 


Go me! I paint all day every day. I am looking forward to painting my nephew Henry while I wait for this layer to dry. 



I didn’t get to Henry. I decided to power through.  My goal is to finish the tight side and bring out light orange into the grass to tie the left sky together. I was painting from my creative side of the brain today. I usually just use my eyes. I’ll have compare the water between today and yesterday to see if that was not a good isea.