Con of Thrones, Here I Come!

I received an email from Con of Thrones (Game of Thrones Convention) Staff saying they'd love to have me as a vendor. I'll be getting ready for that in May! It is held in Texas.



October 1st, I am showing art for a Medieval Fair at ELS Stables in Snohomish. This is where I'm taking horse lessons. I hope to work on a whole bunch of horsey and medieval paintings for that. I have 1 month.  School is starting so I will be cranking them out at night if possible.



I am finishing a comission, that I will give for free because it took me so long to complete it. I'm pushing to finish it this week. Maybe I should have said I can't repaint it. I didn't know it would be the same amount of effort with new problems. I learned!


I am being commissioned by my husband's cousin, Tiffany In Minnesota, to paint a wall sized musical something for her classroom. We will use Amazon shipping and hopefully it won't be too expensive to ship.

That's what I'm up to! 

Side FYI: My big goal is to draw music. I'm thinking of starting small with a color, then a shape, then a movement and work up to organized "this = that" in music for visuals.  Eventually, I'll create gifs and string them together. I can use dance move videos for inspiration. I hope to draw music and do it for all the songs I like, post them on YouTube and then show the canvases at the SAM or wherever will take me. 

Welp, I'll get back at this arcade plein air redo! 



Added some rainbow-riffic reflections on metal window seams.