Backside of Josie

I am drawing the backside of Boris Valejo's "Josie" for my Aunt and Uncle's backside of a door in their house. I used many pictures to create this original work of art. It's probably my most difficult drawing yet. It's a 5'4'' colored pencil drawing of a woman in a brown leather biker coat and leg boots. 


This is after I hit it with paint thinner. I'm struggling with the shoulders (like usual), the head, the legs etc. This is a very difficult pose because Boris didn't make Josie like a proportionate human, so wish me luck! 


Now I'm thinking that the left leg is too big because it's supposed to be farther away. Yikes, this is not an improvement! I worked on her right arm, but I need to redo it again big time. Also, she's not the right color, which isn't good at all. I guess this could be my first draft and then I bring it to their house and redo it with the front side beside me to go by. I drew the front side about 10 years ago and am a better artist that doesn't just use fleshtone peachy color for skin now haha. Well, we'll see how this plays out! 


Here, I made the right butt cheek larger and the right arm larger and reworked all the leather. 


Trying to add color and make it darker/contrast. The top part of the jacket needs attention so it doesn't look like the wrong material.