Locating a Vanishing Point

I finally had an ""Ah-ha holy crap "Mommy had a breakthrough!" Moment"" today on perspective drawing *or so I thought.

The artist has to take into account lines as being farther away and artificially create an illusion of being farther away by taking a "straight/parallel" line and warping it towards a point (which is found right infront of where you're sitting on a verticle plane -just have to identify the latitude/up and down by looking at long wall angles) ...anyway... uhhhhh .... haha:). 

While you're in the process, it's kinda fun to realize you're drawing the third dimension -depth.  "This line is close abd then it's going away from me (that only really clicks when it's objects right infront of you). A thin clear object, like a game cab marquee is suddenly easier to comprehend. 

I learned you kinda have to use a ruler because things like window sills go from a thick line to a thin line. Every line is close and far. Thick is near and then thin is for far. Vanishing. Vanishing from near you to away from you.

Oh yeah! Huge concept: in perspective drawing, it's not parallel lines. Think more of a sun burst. A grid that's a big flower-star-sun. Now parallel lines have to be on that grid.  

In two-point perspective (which is what I did) there's two sun bursts -one higher than the other. 

Even though in reality, it's not like that at all. In reality, everything is kinda chunky and laid out. We dont see in two dimensions. We see objects as what we know and have touched, I guess. Artists have to flatten out their minds and actually not try that hard to do this technique. Like I said, parallel lines aren't parallel -unless there's verticle. There isnt that much of a struggle to drawing this way.

Once you get it, dare I say... it's easy? It's way easier than self portraits. This technique reminds me of Gimli Studios artwork. It actually kinda takes away a lot of the struggle/screamin voices of learning personalities -kinda feel like I'm cheating, but maybe it's okay?

Check it out, what do you think?


I thought i had located the vanishing point, but then I couldn't figure out the ceiling above San Francisco Rush. Turns out it was in the middle of the window. So, I attempted to redo everything:  


It's really hard. You're creating an illusion. The illusion of relative distance to the exponential ratio of your tiny canvas. So, I hope to draw two more things today -better get this right!


I never got the vanishing point correct, but I wanted to make it worthwhile and am trying to finish it. I added color.