Reworking my Mermaid Painting

I am reworking her features and after a couple days of struggling, it's going well again. Here is how she's changed over the weekend. I am sure learning a lot! 


This is the most recent pic of my progress. I'm pretty sure the left eye is too far to the left. Sigh. Leaving it until it bothers me more. Now I'm adding the green background in the hair so her hair isn't so ..."thud". It's gotta float in the sea! The tips of her fingers still need to be drawn (her hand wraps around the canvas). I'll probably add a little more color to her mouth. She had two teeth showing with a gap between them so hopefully I can capture that.  Her neck and ear are two people and it shows dang why did I combine poses whyyyy?!? 


Mouth is too far down here doh! 


Finally got the right eye angle. So difficult to comprehend what's going on there. Go me fir trying! 


"Walmart called, your pictures are ready"! Bahahaha