Mermaid Pinball 1951

I've started an oil painting of Gottleib's 1951 pinball game, Mermaid. It's supposed to be a realistic metmaid swimming away from the game's art.  

The row boat in the picture will instead be the one from my childhood -my first birthday present called, The Hilma Boat. 

Since many people are uncomfortable with nipples, I'm planning on covering the zone with bladderwrack seaweed because I know that stuff very well.  

The following pictures are how it's progressed in about three sessions. 


You like so far? I've wanted to draw a mermaid from this angle for a long time. I hope I can draw a beam of light shining by her neck. 


Check out that 1984 picture on the right! My dad got that boat at a dump, fixed it, painted it, put my name on it with house address numbers/letters and gave it to me for my 1st bday. Best present ever. I could row well at a young age. I loooovve to row!


BAAAHHAHA HAHA I gotta tell you that I took terpenoid and made two huge holes where her eyes went because it wasn't even close to being right, so there was actually a moment where this painting was very grusome looking -like the Game of Thrones Crying Blood Trees. 


This is the inspiration! 


This is the seaweed that'll PG-ify her. Peeps can't handle nudity haha:). Hey, figure drawing is where it's at! It's difficult and a true sign of skill.