Negative Space

Almost have most of the dimensions close. Here is how I finally started to get the ukulele closer. 

Now I’m getting mentally ready to add yellow and blue.  


I see in this pic that the bottom curve of the uke is too much.  

I’m struggling with the bottom of my piano. How many folds are there and how they change with the light. 

I need to face the rosary necklace soon, I haven’t touched it since the beginning. 

I think this will be a decent painting when it’s finished. Hopefully Ben Franklin will custom frame it for me with a gold frame. I might get it professionally scanned at NW Fine Art Printing first. 

How to know when to stop? I plan to stop when I feel like I cannot improve it anymore. I’m not trying to make it look real, I’m just matching lights and darks and relative shapes. I’m trying to match color. I’m trying to put in the feel of the details to describe what I see: like instead of a square book, I messed up the corners a bit. Instead of drawing music on the pages, I drew the shapes of where white was and wasn’t and then described the notation with where the lines are thickest.