Back at it


Added his sword and worked on lights and darks today. I'm adding more and more oil to the upper layers of paint. I'm going to add some hints of turquoise green to compliment the paynes gray and crimson. The background faces need some care still. The horse second to the right's chest/leg is too big woops!


If my brain is getting frustrated with the puzzle of painting, I like to practice violin. It's the perfect brain switch up that rejuvenates. 


This is my inglorious station and the piece of paper I'm looking at for this painting.

I like listening to the GoT audiobook while I paint -totally awesome way to create something and retain inspiration.

Music distracts me unless it's ambient and I haven't heard it before. Soundcloud has the same music over n over how is this possible?!

I love Skyrim, but the Skyrim soundtracks on YouTube include music that's not the themes I literally play the game for (indoors nighttime sad stuff is what I want cuz it takes me somewhere n gives me feels).

Anywho, books are the way to go because I'm musically picky and would spend my time changing the music constantly. 


Made the horse's leg by the sword thicker. Heavy horse!