"What are you painting?"

"What are you up to today?"

"I'm painting."

"Oh cool, what are you painting?"

"A weeping willow." 

I chose not to get excited and tell him it was a naked lady stuck in a tree. Happy Halloween!  I hope to display my art there. The barista then asked me if I was a pro... n I said that I liked to draw. My plan is to have art to display before asking to display it. I can't lie. 

This is my progress today. I went a bit anstract impressionist after driving to the library and stealing branches off of a willow. 

I attempted to draw a realistic close-up leaf by looking at a real willow branch, but it looked really cartoony. If it's blurry it's not distracting from my lady.  

Today she has more bark on her. Her bark is darker. I lightened the water. There are hints of cerulean blue (eek! Omgaad:)) aaannnd... I scraped off stuff to be unique.

Speaking of unique... you should see how messy I work. I ruin everything. 

Anywho, Ryan coached me with her toe ripples in the pond. Took me forever to sort of get it right. Just draw the ring around Saturn, and you'll get a pond ripple. Otherwise, it may have a tendency to look like a circular spiral. 

Gotta jet!