Aunt Susy’s Greenhouse


This is my Aunt Susy’s green house. My daughters and I would drive an hour and water it daily while she was in the hospital.

Now, that Susy has passed, her greenhouse is not so green anymore.

I wanted to preserve who she was by remembering her love for abundance of similar things that have lots of character, like a garden.

Susy’s home was like a garden and she was like a shy entertainer for the human eye. There were constant visual surprises in her life that had voice. A tiny example of this is, I know when she came out of her garden, she would see a surprise kitty sculpture climbing out the fence door.

In the background of the painting, Susy and my Dad are standing in a picture, drawn with a sharpie, from when they were in band together. *Susy was a sharpie artist, so I thought it fitting.

The flowers by my daughter’s feet are one small part of one pattern Susy made. She created many patterns with all colors and laminated huge sheets into hundreds and hundreds of placemats.

I started at 6am and finished at 1:30pm, because I needed to have it done for my Artist’s Reception that afternoon.

My Aunt Wanda wrote me the nicest note about the painting.

No green was used in the painting! It’s all brown, neon yellow, turquoise, and blue-green viridian.