That is a Good Looking Wall


This is my wall art Arts of Snohomish.

I love it.

Each painting is around $150. Most are unframed oil originals on canvas painted within the last two months.

I’m proud to notice that I have painted glass, an explosion, a glacier, weather, water, electrical cords, perspective on a bookshelf, horsey love, running, people, and running horses in battle. That’s a challenging lineup, fueled by what I like, and it is keeping me learning. 

Below the originals are prints and they’re around $15.

Big news: my Aunt Is letting me borrow her Xena armour for Seattle Art Battle! 

To get ready, I need to learn to paint from memory. Crap. My specialty is examining, measuring, and matching. I’m a left brain artist.  

So, I’m going to start practicing today. This is the picture I think I can do from memory in 20 minutes. It has to be in acrylic, and that’s new for me too. It’s not as moveable on the canvas.