More Upside Down Painting

Thank you to my first teacher, Ken Rose, for teaching me to draw upside down to measure more accurately. It’s amazing what the eye wants to see. Upside down prevents this from happening. Now I make fewer mistakes.


Hi Great Grandma! 


I had to get the scissors to make a smaller brush. Now I have a brush with one tiny stiff hair. I mostly just use the metal part of the brush to get the job done. I really hope they like this one. Because this one was so difficult, I got a lot better. Now my other paintings are a breeze.


Here are the three I worked on today upside down. There’s no other way to paint.  

There’s a pin cushion included because she made it. She was a sweetheart. 

I’ve been painting all day everyday for about seven months now. Here’s how I’m improving:

1. In the 6th month, I am starting to see turquoise and cobolt blue and alizarin crimson in everything. Mountains outside are way more exciting.

2. In the 6th month and about the 20th portraiture, I sort of know how to get an effect of color by letting different layers dry. Mostly light white over a dark color is what I can do. 

3. In the 4th month, I got a very steady hand. 

4. I about the 5th month, I can mix any color immediately and be spot on 90% of the time. (Flesh tones are more like 80% accurate right now). I only use one brush unless I want to change the size of the brush because I mix every color for all the parts of that color I see. Idk if this is unique. I think it’s pretty clean. It’s just a great method for hiw my mind works. When I see something, I act immediately. “Oh that’s light. La de da de ...Oh that’s dark. *wipes brush, new color. Oh there’s some yellow in that part. *gets yellow. Yay there’s yellow there too.” Seems like attention deficit is really great for me in this career lol. 

5. That’s... that’s about it.