Great Day for Art!

Thank you to Nathan for showing me how to optimize searches and how to get on Etsy, Printful, and Amazon. 

Today, I sold an original oil painting, delivered a commission, got a new commission, got three checks in the mail, and a hundred dollar tip. That is pretty good. 

No sales online yet, but maybe someday! 

Here is the painting I delivered today:


Here is the painting I sold today:


I will paint it again and even better this time. It was a little soft because I didn’t wait long enough between layers.

Special shoutout to everyone at Monroe Ben Franklin for framing something for me pretty much daily. Thank you for always helping me even when it’s busy and I have two squirrelly kids with me. 

My current projects are: 

1. My daughter for a local coffee shop

2. My friend’s sister’s dog

3. Possibly my friend’s late Father