Cannon Beach Day 2

Thank you to everyone for a great time!! I am loving this one I did in the morning before the show:


Here I am in action Day 2! Check out that garb! 


This Festival was my goal a couple years ago when my Aunt Kathy was telling me about it. I bought the yellow beret last summer because yellow is her fav color and I like to ham things up, found out that the festival isn’t open to artists not already in the CB galleries, applied anyway, and they sent me a letter saying they changed the rules this year for me! Pretty sweet.

I found a bio page that makes me look good! Thanks, Cara! Scott Johnson is my Aunt and Uncle’s friend and I hope to meet him. I’ll have to run around the sand dunes and find a dude that paints like that. There’s 50 of us here this weekend.

Thanks to Tiffany for having me draw a piano. Thanks to everyone at Shelton Gallery, Snohomish Gallery, Arcade Con, and Con of Thrones for giving me experience this year I can quick put in a bio. 


Artist Swarm time! Let the fierce competition begin! 


I was very brave and painted en plein air right at the plein air artist 👩‍🎨 swarm. 

An artist sketched mwwwwah! How cool is that!? Wish I had a pic of her drawing.


And then it happened!! Thank you, Shade!