Done with adding purple to her eye!  

Here is one "thing" I've created so far for the ELS Medieval Fair and Con of Thrones:


This is the GoT dvd inner casing. I did paint it in oil by hand and I changed some things. Gotta look up if this counts as a transformation. This might be an underground piece of art.


Sides are purposefully rough. Most of the detail in her features contrasted with primative strokes and harder colors.  I actually forgot to do the bottom.


Now back to this mega painting: 


I'm also doing medieval manuscript version on parchment of "The Bear and the Maiden Fair".

I'm also hoping to draw George R. R. Martin's food descriptions. 

Book Quotes I could charm mega GoT fans with:

"If you are in need of art, my work is costly and I make no apologies for that, my lord. You will not find craftsmanship equal to mine anywhere in the seven kingdoms I promise you. Visit every booth in King's Landing if you like and compare for yourself. Any village smith can hammer out a shirt of mail. My work is art." -George R. R. Martini jk Martin ooh another idea for a painting!