Problem solving! 

I had my husband pose on the couch so I could draw a realistic pinbot in the Bride of Pinbot pose (because I support men to be something other than muscely-speedo), but then as I began painting, the drawing was unbalanced without the couch in it... and Pinbot looks lame on a couch. 

So, I remembered my first art class with Shane Walsh where I tore up paper to make a drawing of a coffee cup. After looking up and doing little tests to see how glue and oil work together, I "Mod Podged" black n white pictures of the Pinbot arcade machine.


Future problems:

1) How far do I take Mr. Pinbot? Keep him green?

2) What do I do with his undies?  Bride of pinbot print? Leave it minimal and it's not about his crotch?

3) Minimum-Maximum balancing the rest of the background aka "i meant to do that" cheating/energy. 

4) Just his helmet colorful? 


I think this is awesome. Ryan was like, "I look fat?" Sorry!! I didn't think that, I'm just trying to draw oops!! I'll change it.