I visited a real studio!

I got to visit Justin Hillgrove's art studio today! It was awesome. He is the nicest person in the universe and is willing to help me with any questions I have and loan me all the gear I need to show my art for my first time. 

Check out how cool he is and all his work! 


I learned that when you're selling art and someone is like, "Should I get a sandwich or this print?" You say, "Go get a sandwich." If you're a nice person, they'll come back next year and buy from you. 

Some more learning: 1) People like to buy buttons *with $100.00 bills (so be ready for cash), 2) Customers like seeing "3 for $_.00", 4) Borrow showing equipment before buying it, 5) Have helpers, and 6) Anyone can sue you but if you're doing a parody or a transformed work it should be okay.

Biggest Learning: People can't comprehend artists that do multiple things. For example, Weird Al makes his own music mostly, but everyone just thinks of him making parodies. So, even if you have only one parody in your booth, most people will assume that all your work is a parody/allusion to something. 


Bravery Challenge #2:



The bottom square on the right might be my next idea for a painting for NWPAS in June: Bride of Pinbot.

Bhahaha I made a lot of sound with my paintbrush yowza (my teacher said that was a nono). Learning. Always painfully learning:).


The far side of the face is the hard part to comprehend.