Catholic School Commission

I am being commissioned to paint a large painting for a Catholic school music classroom. This is for my husband‘s very amazing cousin’s music classroom in Minnesota. Mrs. Tiffany Gordon is a super teacher and she has made a big impact in the school and church with her piano skills. She has a famous ukulele program. 

We are collaborating with my photographer friend, Chrissie Chang and her very cool mother that owns a ukulele. Here are the photo ideas so far incorporating a ukulele, a piano, a rosary and a hymnal. Chrissie’s pictures give me the feels.


Maybe a cropped closer-in version of this Tiffany said. Her ukuleles are school colors snd she’ll send me a pic Wednesday. 


This picture makes a sound. Totally does! I can hear the ukulele hit the rosary and the keys clink and the mecklace slides. 


Ryan likes this one. Tiffany said we cannot tell it’s a ukulele, though. 


The one I created. I like the colors. 


So, I am thinking I need a new picture of like a grand piano with light streaming in and colorful surprising splash of ukuleles in an interesting and orderly pattern perhaps on the body or floor with commanding keys with shadows like a grandfather looking down at you and a red hymnal off to the side and a brown rosary on the bench. A cool angle and bent artsy perspective.