American Psycho

Here's my card.  

Maybe I can put this with my prints or have some on my table at PNWPA. Woopdidoo! No one cares haha. Ryan n I do have a file "art we like", so maybe one in a thousand people might want my card.

Vistaprint offically has the most upsale popups fathomable. Yikes. Someone's a bit agressive at that company. They take "would you like to add your image on a coffee mug now?" to a whole-new level. You should go to vistaprints just to experience this.

Now my goal is to get a roll-out sign for my table that is apparently essential to create depth at a convention. Yes, I read the how-2/what not 2-do's handy comic strip for having a booth at Comicon. Very informative. 

Am I going to be in trouble or "In" for posting this?  Probably definitely not "In" considering I've had zero views this month. Eh, that's okay. How many other people's websites have checked out? Right. 

Does it not suck? 

Does it not suck?