Weeping Willow Princess Alicia Progress

Here is my progress on Princess Alicia, the Weeping Willow in King's Quest V.

I thought about how to fix her leg that's under her lyre for a week. It was unbalanced. To solve the problem, I created a chart [in my mind] of values/importance. For example;  "What's more important?" A. Curvy hip or B. Balanced figure? I kept the hip cuz it affects her ribs n stomach and balanced the pic by adding tree trunk in place of her foot. Now she's really stuck with oposite limbs tranformed into wood. I can't tell if she's bored, depressed, crying ...or totally fine! What is the mental state of a person that has been turned into a tree -stuck, but has the ability to play a lute and kick water? Thanks for your help.

Today I started working on her foot after telling my husband the delima I faced and was able to solve it! Check out my solution. Genius? Then, I fixed her other foot more, added a bit more face, worked on a ripple in the water, put in lots of white to prep the leaves and added foreground leaf prep.  

I have so much fun painting that I forget to drink my coffee. 

You can look forward to seeing; 1. Her lute eventually have Bavarian inspired golden carved designs on it, 2. Her bark looking like willow bark, 3. More detail, 4. The background to her left being scary, 5. A secret tree on the edge of the canvas, 6. Neon green inspired color scheme that made me pull over my car when the coolest leaf ever hit my windshield and I had to take a billion pictures.

Here is that epic leaf that made me pull over. Beauty! 

Here is that epic leaf that made me pull over. Beauty!