Today I started Quaithe from Game of Thrones and painted her in oil at the Arts of Snohomish Gallery.

I’m liking the white background. Hmmmmm.

I intended to have all the gold be gold leaf, but I changed my mind because I want to do shadows on each link. 

Love this!


Thank you to Pamee for teaching me about warm and cool maroons today! 


Her necklace has one more deeliebob dangling down in the center, but i might leave it off and just balance the picture by continuing links on the left. 



Thank you, Minta for helping me with holographic powder! 

Thanks to Chrissie for encouraging me to make a dreamy painting and not a photo. 

Thank you to Jo for giving me energy to reach for my dreams! 

Thanks to Robyn for the opportunity to hang horse paintings at ELS. 

 Painted the sides. 

Painted the sides. 

Here is my vending table set up for Con of Thrones so far:  


There will be drapery and gold ribbon and red leaves. 10 more paintings in one month!

Done! Police Dogs

I now will get it framed with a plaque that says, “There is no real ending, it’s just the place where you stop the story.”



Painting Shae


Does it look like her? She was fun to try. I think I pushed myself to another level.