Framed Paintings!

For the Shelton Rotating Art Gallery, I got my paintings framed it only cost seven dollars to frame a painting.  I highly recommend it. Yay for Monroe Ben Franklin.


Pretty green frames. 



Purple Go Huskies stripe. 


Coolio mat that goes well with charcoal. 

Shelton Rotating Art Gallery: Here I Come!

I was accepted into an art gallery for the first time! Shelton Rotating Art Gallery is a dream come true. I have been hoping to submit my art there for years.

My dad would send me brochures and forward emails encouraging me to submit art. He started doing that when I was a new music teacher, about 11 years ago. I just didn’t have art that was appropriate, didn’t have time to create something specific for it, and I didn’t really feel qualified enough to write a short bio about myself as an artist.

The Shelton Art Gallery/Civic Center and I go back to when I was in high school.

I grew up playing piano in my Dad’s community swing band, Swing Fever, at the Shelton Civic Center. We played there every year for weddings and fundraisers. Before the gig, after we set up, I’d walk around the brand new nice building with my sister and look at the art. 

Across the street, at a retirement home, that’s where I had my first piano recital. Haha my teacher forgot to call me up and I didn’t have to play!  

4/5 of my submissions were accepted. They didn’t like the mermaid. Since my dad is on the art board, he did not participate in the voting. He warned me they don’t like boobs. She did have a seaweed strapless top, but I guess that was too much. 

Here are the pieces that were accepted: 


I am a bit of a perfectionist sometimes so I have some anxiety that these are not in perfect amazing impressive fantastical frames and I’m tempted to spend hundreds of dollars at Ben Franklin getting them professionally framed for this. Highly, highly tempted. I do want this to be amazing. I will probably go there today. Imagine the golden baroque frames that take up a wall... that’s what I picture haha. 

I hope to invite people that would want to come and I hope to dress up and then take everyone out to lunch or dinner to celebrate.  

Thank you for encouraging me! 

My next goal is to participate in the plein air  festival (which to me would be like a competition competition I want to win) at Cannon Beach. I know this is egocentrical, but I want to have fun and dress up like a French plein air artist. I already have two different berets and two different striped dresses. When I get a vision, step back!

I hope to practice in Monroe on the sidewalk before just to live my dreams when I drive around that’s what I want to be doing so I just want to do it.  I know it’s not normal and it could get me attention I don’t necessarily want but I have this skill and it’s just the weirdest calling. I just really like to be in public and painting because the time flies by. Watch out, I’m crazy and brave enough to follow through. It miiiiight take me 11 years to follow through with a goal. But, by jingo, when I get there, I might blog about it ha:)!

On my way to “Ben Frank-skiis”.  They are already hangable I just want them to look boss.

On my way to “Ben Frank-skiis”.  They are already hangable I just want them to look boss.

Back! It was $240.00 to get all four done. A deal since one a couple of years ago was $100.00. Well, they’ll look great and I’ll feel proud. I got a cool green 90’s cords color frame for the 11x14 oil paintings and large black matching frames with fancy mats for the charcoal drawings. The piano one has a sliver of purple,  I thought appropriate since it is of a piano in Hansee Hall at the university of Washington.  The Moai 🗿 charcoal drawing has a textured gray mat that was detail-o-riffic.

I’ll post when they’ll be up as soon as I hear. 

My Pallet Pics


Does taking pics of my pallet count as abstract art? This is what my pallet looks like after I scrape it off and wash it with orange cleaner stuff.

There was a gregarious girl at the ELS Medieval Fair that asked me why my palette was dirty. 

No regrets!

Ryan says I should do a painting of this photo "an abstract of the abstract". Thoughts?

This resized tiny picture is a cropped movie picture of my palette. I just like the colors woo color.

This resized tiny picture is a cropped movie picture of my palette. I just like the colors woo color.


After I washed it, still wet. 

Police Dog

Here's my progress on painting a police dog for my friend's brother.


I used a projector to get the proportions right away. Then, used a different color picture as a reference. This is an 8x10 small oil painting.


The original picture. 


Projector to get proportions right away because I want to spend my time on the detail.  It's still difficult to get this looking good, so good luck to artists that want to use a projector. Make sure to not let it look like a stamp. Use gradients of shades and put the finite details on the close parts only.


Try using a printed picture right beside your canvas.  It will feel like a fun puzzle when you match something perfectly. This is how I love the process of painting.


Here's the picture I'm using for the color it should be. 


Did I mention that I use a lot of smells when I paint? It makes it fun. Dragon's blood incense and pumpkin candles are my guitly pleasures. Can't stop love!

After I get it this far, I'm hoping to add more layers and detail by adding more like lights and darks, using more paint, waiting for it to dry, getting proportions more exact -whatever I can think of.

I haven't used paint thinner for two days. I've just been using oil and a towel, then washing my brushes. Definitely better for health, maybe better for the painting to keep it oily. My work looks pretty dry and when I go to get it scanned at NW Fine Art Printing, McKenna thinks it's not an oil painting -probably because it looks so dry. I'm thinking of sealing my year old work with oil finishing glaze to make em shiny.


Using paint thinner was actually an awesome good move to make things more exact gradients and shapes. Now I'm thinking, isn't this dog supposed to be a black German Shepherd -I need to get rid of this white! His nose needs to be all black, just wet shine. His light fur needs to be light brown, not white. Only white should be his peppered muzzle. 


Tried to make the white fur brown. 


Gotta add pink to his tongue, gums, and ears. Contemplating whether or not to yellow teeth.  

Back at it


Added his sword and worked on lights and darks today. I'm adding more and more oil to the upper layers of paint. I'm going to add some hints of turquoise green to compliment the paynes gray and crimson. The background faces need some care still. The horse second to the right's chest/leg is too big woops!


If my brain is getting frustrated with the puzzle of painting, I like to practice violin. It's the perfect brain switch up that rejuvenates. 


This is my inglorious station and the piece of paper I'm looking at for this painting.

I like listening to the GoT audiobook while I paint -totally awesome way to create something and retain inspiration.

Music distracts me unless it's ambient and I haven't heard it before. Soundcloud has the same music over n over how is this possible?!

I love Skyrim, but the Skyrim soundtracks on YouTube include music that's not the themes I literally play the game for (indoors nighttime sad stuff is what I want cuz it takes me somewhere n gives me feels).

Anywho, books are the way to go because I'm musically picky and would spend my time changing the music constantly. 


Made the horse's leg by the sword thicker. Heavy horse! 

ELS Medieval Fair 2017 tomorrow

Today I bought a new tent, gathered my things, and tried to finish my ambitious painting in preparation for the ELS (Equine Life Solutions) Medieval Fair featuring the Seattle Knights. My family is going and I'm a vendor selling my oil paintings. My girls will be in velvet queenly ramen and I'll probably be the red woman with a unicorn chalice. Thank you to my friend Chrissie for getting me in! I am pretty excited to get to be around horses and painting tomorrow. Hopefully I'll stay warm outsite from 9am - 6pm in the rain. Bring me hot beverages please:)!


Closer and closer! I hope to get Jon's leather jacket looking right. This is very obscured since I drew it free hand so it's a puzzle trying to compensate for disproportionate things like his waste and arm.  Ahh I gotta add his sword still!

The M M Mega Painting

Adding color and trying to get the shapes right. 


Jon will be gray-blue-dark brown with extreme shine eventually. I'll add his sword last. I need to fix the horses on the right. Their ears and bodies aren't quite right yet. The beautiful thing about painting is that everything is fixable and changeable. The key is to be brave and honest enough to actually change it.

Did I mention that Oct. 1st is my deadline? Ahh! Time to crank out as much as possible! 


Worked on the right side a lot today and added green for an undertone eventually. Super duper ambitious painting! 


Fixed the left horses ears (which was a big effort), redid the right horse's nostrils, tried to rework the background and made Jon darker. His waist is looking too thick, so I'll be figuring out what's going wrong there. The brown horse is a bit funky in proportions. This might take all year. But, when I get it, it will be very awesome!


Looked at the brown horse some more. 


Done with adding purple to her eye!  

Here is one "thing" I've created so far for the ELS Medieval Fair and Con of Thrones:


This is the GoT dvd inner casing. I did paint it in oil by hand and I changed some things. Gotta look up if this counts as a transformation. This might be an underground piece of art.


Sides are purposefully rough. Most of the detail in her features contrasted with primative strokes and harder colors.  I actually forgot to do the bottom.


Now back to this mega painting: 


I'm also doing medieval manuscript version on parchment of "The Bear and the Maiden Fair".

I'm also hoping to draw George R. R. Martin's food descriptions. 

Book Quotes I could charm mega GoT fans with:

"If you are in need of art, my work is costly and I make no apologies for that, my lord. You will not find craftsmanship equal to mine anywhere in the seven kingdoms I promise you. Visit every booth in King's Landing if you like and compare for yourself. Any village smith can hammer out a shirt of mail. My work is art." -George R. R. Martini jk Martin ooh another idea for a painting!


Game of Thrones

Now begins my year of painting Game of Thrones horse art. Here is my first drawing in progress. I chose this picture because it gives me the feels and being brave is my favorite quality in personalities -like when someone sings or when someone does something kind. I'm using a picture I printed in black and white.


It started like this. I was attempting to combine multiple pictures initially. Too ambitious ha!


Then I painted over it and redid it upside down to get the proportions right.


And kept at it. Isn't it cool? Uhhh hope I don't get in trouble for picking the most iconic scene ever. It is from scratch and not exactly like the screen shot, but maybe that's not enough. Should I transform it or maybe leave it in grayscale to protect myself from being sued? 


And I started another one last night and kept working on it in the morning. If I keep working on her skin and details, she'll be pretty sweet. I hope to make her hair with silvery highlights and a tint of purple in her eyes. My daughter likes this one:). Did I mention that I am listening to the GoT audiobooks while I paint these? Love it! I seriously hope to bring my trumpet at my Con of Thrones booth and play epic beauty of the theme song. Can't stop love!

Did you think I could get this far? Wait to see how far I'll take it! Getting the courage to add color soon. Maybe one more time upside down with taking away paint next time. 

Did you think I could get this far? Wait to see how far I'll take it!

Getting the courage to add color soon. Maybe one more time upside down with taking away paint next time. 

Upcoming Art:

I'm thinking of drawing the different meals George R. R. Martin's writes about in his saga. That might be unique! Maybe I can collage the actual text from the book i to it. I'm also hoping to write the song "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" on parchment in medieval script. I will be able to do that very well since I read music, unlike most people that draw music with dots in the wrong place, stems the wrong way, or not enough lines etc.


I need to make her mouth bigger, the corners of her mouth should be with her pupils. 


Worked on her a bit the next day. I might add a tiny hint of purple to her eyes, but it has to be a gray-lavender color. Now I'm thinking maybe just a tiny strand of silver weaved hidden in her hair. Her lower lip is wrong and I'll have to fix it so it doesn't stick out so much. Sorry!


Worked on this all day again and decided that this was good. I painted around the sides of the canvas and improved everything with smaller brushes, darker paynes gray and titanium white with extra oil. Can't wait to give it to him! 


Looks great in the sunshine. 

Right side wrapping around. 

Right side wrapping around. 


Other wrap-around.  


My husband found me on Pinball News! 



How does one recover a sabotaged painting?   Tenacity.

Lana painted on my painting. Woops. I started out by remembering that fixing paint is easy, just takes patience and time. I began to try to fix it by scraping off excess. Then, I roughed it up with paint thinner. Lana at least did try to actually paint nicely on top of it. She is an artist in the making.


I worked on this all day and now I'm almost done. I have more details and extremes like black n white to add.


For the ELS Medieval Fair coming up on Oct. 1st, I got my daughters medieval dresses and a unicorn chalice to have at our art booth. Ryan thinks I should hit two birds with one stone and paint horses from GoT. Good idea!  


Hopefully, Con of Thrones Staff will contact me soon.  

Con of Thrones, Here I Come!

I received an email from Con of Thrones (Game of Thrones Convention) Staff saying they'd love to have me as a vendor. I'll be getting ready for that in May! It is held in Texas.



October 1st, I am showing art for a Medieval Fair at ELS Stables in Snohomish. This is where I'm taking horse lessons. I hope to work on a whole bunch of horsey and medieval paintings for that. I have 1 month.  School is starting so I will be cranking them out at night if possible.



I am finishing a comission, that I will give for free because it took me so long to complete it. I'm pushing to finish it this week. Maybe I should have said I can't repaint it. I didn't know it would be the same amount of effort with new problems. I learned!


I am being commissioned by my husband's cousin, Tiffany In Minnesota, to paint a wall sized musical something for her classroom. We will use Amazon shipping and hopefully it won't be too expensive to ship.

That's what I'm up to! 

Side FYI: My big goal is to draw music. I'm thinking of starting small with a color, then a shape, then a movement and work up to organized "this = that" in music for visuals.  Eventually, I'll create gifs and string them together. I can use dance move videos for inspiration. I hope to draw music and do it for all the songs I like, post them on YouTube and then show the canvases at the SAM or wherever will take me. 

Welp, I'll get back at this arcade plein air redo! 



Added some rainbow-riffic reflections on metal window seams.

Josie's Celebration

Yesterday, I darkened Josie to match her other side. Turns out that black was the magic color that made it all work. Check out the third picture to compare.

My awesome Aunt threw a fun party and my amazing Mom watched my girls. It was very fun thank you!!


Showing how it's done.


Admiring with a cocktail. 


Before without the magic black pencil that made it pop. She was too much of the same color and didn't match the other side of the door.

Delivered Moose

Today I painted the sides and made his hair wrap around the side. 

I attached a wire to the back, wrapped it in awesome unicorn paper, made a card with a clarinet on a horses's forehead, and delivered it with a bit of a heavy heart I have to admit.

Hopefully, Chrissie will love or like this gift as opposed to disliking it.

Prance in peaceful pastures, Beautiful Moose.


Signed Moose today

Almost finished. Tomorrow I deliver it to the barn ...wet. Hmmmm, I will put it in a box with a note: wet!!!!


Hope it helps her heal from losing a dear love -her horse named Moose. I was going to draw two (another as him with his unicorn horn), but the rolling action shot took longer than I thought.

Here is the pic I used so you can compare and see what I did:  


I see I need to make the lower left boot of the staight leg shorter -take a bit off the bottom. That will finally get that hoof looking right. 

The other hind leg is off, but I can't figure out what's wrong yet. Maybe the hoof part needs to be bigger with more brown and less white accents. 

What do you think of the background? 

Can you tell I love horses?  

Started Moose

This is the beginning of an oil painting of my friend's beloved horse, Moose.  


Today, I also sketched on an envelope while waiting for the ferry.  


 Pretty good for kids screaming in the back and only two pens in the car.


This is after I worked on it again the next day. I hope to make the horse subtle, soft and layers of more n more oil to the paint. I hope to make the background more complimentry somehow. Softer, lighter, smoother, happier. The original picture has him surrounded by fencing. Maybe I can make an impressionistic field behind him.  


Added some color to cover up and hopefully make him look less flat. I'm attempting to make the background less flat as well.