Game of Thrones

Now begins my year of painting Game of Thrones horse art. Here is my first drawing in progress. I chose this picture because it gives me the feels and being brave is my favorite quality in personalities -like when someone sings or when someone does something kind. I'm using a picture I printed in black and white.


It started like this. I was attempting to combine multiple pictures initially. Too ambitious ha!


Then I painted over it and redid it upside down to get the proportions right.


And kept at it. Isn't it cool? Uhhh hope I don't get in trouble for picking the most iconic scene ever. It is from scratch and not exactly like the screen shot, but maybe that's not enough. Should I transform it or maybe leave it in grayscale to protect myself from being sued? 


And I started another one last night and kept working on it in the morning. If I keep working on her skin and details, she'll be pretty sweet. I hope to make her hair with silvery highlights and a tint of purple in her eyes. My daughter likes this one:). Did I mention that I am listening to the GoT audiobooks while I paint these? Love it! I seriously hope to bring my trumpet at my Con of Thrones booth and play epic beauty of the theme song. Can't stop love!

Did you think I could get this far? Wait to see how far I'll take it! Getting the courage to add color soon. Maybe one more time upside down with taking away paint next time. 

Did you think I could get this far? Wait to see how far I'll take it!

Getting the courage to add color soon. Maybe one more time upside down with taking away paint next time. 

Upcoming Art:

I'm thinking of drawing the different meals George R. R. Martin's writes about in his saga. That might be unique! Maybe I can collage the actual text from the book i to it. I'm also hoping to write the song "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" on parchment in medieval script. I will be able to do that very well since I read music, unlike most people that draw music with dots in the wrong place, stems the wrong way, or not enough lines etc.


I need to make her mouth bigger, the corners of her mouth should be with her pupils. 


Worked on her a bit the next day. I might add a tiny hint of purple to her eyes, but it has to be a gray-lavender color. Now I'm thinking maybe just a tiny strand of silver weaved hidden in her hair. Her lower lip is wrong and I'll have to fix it so it doesn't stick out so much. Sorry!


Worked on this all day again and decided that this was good. I painted around the sides of the canvas and improved everything with smaller brushes, darker paynes gray and titanium white with extra oil. Can't wait to give it to him! 


Looks great in the sunshine. 

Right side wrapping around. 

Right side wrapping around. 


Other wrap-around.  


My husband found me on Pinball News! 



How does one recover a sabotaged painting?   Tenacity.

Lana painted on my painting. Woops. I started out by remembering that fixing paint is easy, just takes patience and time. I began to try to fix it by scraping off excess. Then, I roughed it up with paint thinner. Lana at least did try to actually paint nicely on top of it. She is an artist in the making.


I worked on this all day and now I'm almost done. I have more details and extremes like black n white to add.


For the ELS Medieval Fair coming up on Oct. 1st, I got my daughters medieval dresses and a unicorn chalice to have at our art booth. Ryan thinks I should hit two birds with one stone and paint horses from GoT. Good idea!  


Hopefully, Con of Thrones Staff will contact me soon.  

Con of Thrones, Here I Come!

I received an email from Con of Thrones (Game of Thrones Convention) Staff saying they'd love to have me as a vendor. I'll be getting ready for that in May! It is held in Texas.



October 1st, I am showing art for a Medieval Fair at ELS Stables in Snohomish. This is where I'm taking horse lessons. I hope to work on a whole bunch of horsey and medieval paintings for that. I have 1 month.  School is starting so I will be cranking them out at night if possible.



I am finishing a comission, that I will give for free because it took me so long to complete it. I'm pushing to finish it this week. Maybe I should have said I can't repaint it. I didn't know it would be the same amount of effort with new problems. I learned!


I am being commissioned by my husband's cousin, Tiffany In Minnesota, to paint a wall sized musical something for her classroom. We will use Amazon shipping and hopefully it won't be too expensive to ship.

That's what I'm up to! 

Side FYI: My big goal is to draw music. I'm thinking of starting small with a color, then a shape, then a movement and work up to organized "this = that" in music for visuals.  Eventually, I'll create gifs and string them together. I can use dance move videos for inspiration. I hope to draw music and do it for all the songs I like, post them on YouTube and then show the canvases at the SAM or wherever will take me. 

Welp, I'll get back at this arcade plein air redo! 



Added some rainbow-riffic reflections on metal window seams.

Josie's Celebration

Yesterday, I darkened Josie to match her other side. Turns out that black was the magic color that made it all work. Check out the third picture to compare.

My awesome Aunt threw a fun party and my amazing Mom watched my girls. It was very fun thank you!!


Showing how it's done.


Admiring with a cocktail. 


Before without the magic black pencil that made it pop. She was too much of the same color and didn't match the other side of the door.

Delivered Moose

Today I painted the sides and made his hair wrap around the side. 

I attached a wire to the back, wrapped it in awesome unicorn paper, made a card with a clarinet on a horses's forehead, and delivered it with a bit of a heavy heart I have to admit.

Hopefully, Chrissie will love or like this gift as opposed to disliking it.

Prance in peaceful pastures, Beautiful Moose.


Signed Moose today

Almost finished. Tomorrow I deliver it to the barn ...wet. Hmmmm, I will put it in a box with a note: wet!!!!


Hope it helps her heal from losing a dear love -her horse named Moose. I was going to draw two (another as him with his unicorn horn), but the rolling action shot took longer than I thought.

Here is the pic I used so you can compare and see what I did:  


I see I need to make the lower left boot of the staight leg shorter -take a bit off the bottom. That will finally get that hoof looking right. 

The other hind leg is off, but I can't figure out what's wrong yet. Maybe the hoof part needs to be bigger with more brown and less white accents. 

What do you think of the background? 

Can you tell I love horses?  

Started Moose

This is the beginning of an oil painting of my friend's beloved horse, Moose.  


Today, I also sketched on an envelope while waiting for the ferry.  


 Pretty good for kids screaming in the back and only two pens in the car.


This is after I worked on it again the next day. I hope to make the horse subtle, soft and layers of more n more oil to the paint. I hope to make the background more complimentry somehow. Softer, lighter, smoother, happier. The original picture has him surrounded by fencing. Maybe I can make an impressionistic field behind him.  


Added some color to cover up and hopefully make him look less flat. I'm attempting to make the background less flat as well.

Delivered Josie Today!

Today I delivered Josie to her future home in a wine cellar. I get to come back next week and match her exactly to her frontside. 



I will need to buy some new pencils haha wow!! 


This is how much I erased. Those are just eraser leavings. 


Today I worked on her hair. I'm hoping to finish before the 9th.  I'll be improving her left arm, her jacket, her bottom, and the back of her knees. And the shadows!


Whipped one out!

This is a very m-m-mega oil painting with a musical theme for my friend Maryna's new living room. I painted this tonight. Amazing what one can do in a time crunch! I'll keep working on it for three more days until I see her.

After cleaning all day, I ... do ... Zis! 

After cleaning all day, I ... do ... Zis! 

I think she likes colorful abstract, so I'll try to work in a little magic. It's from a picture I took of my violin and piano from my Great Aunt Diana. I had the idea of pushing down the keys with the scroll of the violin. I'll focus on that part of the painting because it's interesting and tells a story (relative to the rest haha). When I'm working on the piano body, I hear my mom saying, "It screams like a tiger!" The wood is super cool and that type of cross cut oak with stripes. The violin's peg box is striped as well, so maybe I should bring that out. But, I'll probably go back to finishing my other projects.

Most Difficult Drawing Yet!

Here she is so far:  


She's so big I can't get a good picture. My bed is in the way.  


If I completely understood the human body, or had one picture to look at, this would be a lot easier.

Backside of Josie

I am drawing the backside of Boris Valejo's "Josie" for my Aunt and Uncle's backside of a door in their house. I used many pictures to create this original work of art. It's probably my most difficult drawing yet. It's a 5'4'' colored pencil drawing of a woman in a brown leather biker coat and leg boots. 


This is after I hit it with paint thinner. I'm struggling with the shoulders (like usual), the head, the legs etc. This is a very difficult pose because Boris didn't make Josie like a proportionate human, so wish me luck! 


Now I'm thinking that the left leg is too big because it's supposed to be farther away. Yikes, this is not an improvement! I worked on her right arm, but I need to redo it again big time. Also, she's not the right color, which isn't good at all. I guess this could be my first draft and then I bring it to their house and redo it with the front side beside me to go by. I drew the front side about 10 years ago and am a better artist that doesn't just use fleshtone peachy color for skin now haha. Well, we'll see how this plays out! 


Here, I made the right butt cheek larger and the right arm larger and reworked all the leather. 


Trying to add color and make it darker/contrast. The top part of the jacket needs attention so it doesn't look like the wrong material. 

Summer Plein Air

Camping at Ohanapecosh State Park: 


It's a challenge painting while taking care of my kids and camping. A gregarious neighbor cheered me on when I needed it:)! Thank you!!! 

Wishing I had left it at this stage haga. I took out the light and added neon green -mistake! I can hear Jaime say "limit your pallet."  Doh! 

Wishing I had left it at this stage haga. I took out the light and added neon green -mistake! I can hear Jaime say "limit your pallet."  Doh! 

Camping at Great Grandpa Preedy's house:  

I started with Payne's gray and had to finish at home. In progress! I am pretty bad at drawing cars haha. Probably because I don't like them.

I started with Payne's gray and had to finish at home. In progress! I am pretty bad at drawing cars haha. Probably because I don't like them.

Re-painting the Arcade Plein Air painting:


It's going to be "better" in some ways the second time, but no kid in this one. I don't have a colored printer, but have an ipad with a colored pic on it I use.


I am going to be brave and tackle the two commissions I have this week: the backside of a wall-sized lady in colored pencil and a large colorful abstract music painting. *I blog this so I'm held accountable publicly:). This works for me for Nanowrimo and The whole Life Challenge, so might as well light a fire undermyself how I know works best.

Last Day NWPAS

On the last day, I finished my plein air painting and it sold to a person that had me add his son in the picture. That was very difficult but I nailed it thanks to painting straight for three days. Another person wanted the painting and said they'd pay double for me to draw it again. He is buying it for his friend. Turns out he lives by me and I've played trumpet for his business.

I sold the arcade room picture to a man that really liked it. He was holding it and looking at it in his hands like it was really special and cool.  One of my dragon prints sold like this too. Totally made my day! They liked it as much as me and I was totally surprised they felt the same way yayyyyy:)!

I dressed up as the red woman on the last day. My new friend Vicky, that was super bored of games due to this being her 7th three-day arcade convention, decided to helped me at the table. She's a really good artist and does a great blue dog and flying eyeball. 


"Ready to serve muh lord." "I'm not ready! "


Thank you!!  

NWPAS 2017

So many people were nice to me at NWPAS.

First up, my choir student for about 5 years went with me. She was willing to give up her weekend and drive to Tacoma two days in a row and sit at a table doing nothing for hours  for me. She is a saint and I...

#1) Will remember her kindness the rest of my life.

#2) No other person would ever do that at that age for their teacher haha:).

Second Huge Thanks = Ms. Naysha, Mom and Dad J and the Yantis' for taking care of Ayla and Lana so we can do this.  


First thing at the show, Dominique helped me put up my art, bent my hooks with tools he had and gave us a toor of Galactic Girl pinball machine he designed and built. On the second day, John Youssi a famous illustrator and speaker at this convention, told me that I was a plein air artist from impressionistic era. That totally made my day!

First Time Awesomes:

I got to sign Dominique's NWPAS book. I signed an autograph. Maybe he thought I was someone else haha sorry!

I got to be on YouTube tv: Mad Bros Media. Wow, that was a fantasy come true.

I made some friends. Two young people drew with me and drew me pictures!! I drew Vicky a king snake. She drew me an eyeball stabbed and flying. The other person was an 8 year old girl that loved to paint in oil. 

I saw some friends!! I got to see Amy and Forest Cooper! I got to see Tue, my husband's best friend from Point Inside came to the show just for him. Wowwww that was cool. Nothing like knowing someone in a first time slightly scary situation.

My face is now painted with an epic unicorn by Reece. She is the most phenomenal artist and super kind and modest. A total goddess. 

I'm very happy to have this dream come true!!

Thanks everyone for being so kind and encouraging me. See you tomorrow at the last day of NWPAS 2017 woooo!!!!


Plein Air Artist!!!! 


Funny Picture

Has anyone drawn this yet? I might be tempted to make this a painting tomorrow. Two days until the show! I still have to put on wiring on my paintings to be able to hang them.  

I'm going to wake up early to fix a couple things in this small picture.  


I might be a Goddess

This is the inside of Mortal Kombat II. I started in the morning and painted all day. Love it so far! Ryan says it's, "Enthralling". 


In the beginning.