Hilma Josal was born in Hoquiam, Washington in 1983. She studied music, art and education at the University of Washington from 2001-2007. After teaching children music for eleven years, Hilma is now a full time artist. This July, she will be an artist for the Con of Thrones in Tennesee.

Hilma's art teachers were: Ken Rose, Shane Walsh, Zhi Lin and Jamie Bollenbach.

Her work is in the Arts of Snohomish Gallery and the Cannon Beach Gallery. She has shown work at: NWPAS 2017, ELS Medieval Fair 2017, Shelton Rotating Art Gallery 2018, Con of Thrones in Texas 2018, Cannon Beach Plein Air Festival 2018, Snohomish Art Gallery 2018, Equine Art 2018, Arts of the Terrace 2018

Favorite Place: Sucia Island, Favorite Sound: Airplane

Favorite Things to Draw: Horses, Animals, People, Anything with eyeballs

GOAL = Painting everyone, everything, expressing human existence, expressing music, and being the bravest painter that ever lived.


You can email Hilma Josal: hilma@josal.com