Hilma Josal was born in Hoquiam, Washington in 1983 and gives a shout-out to all people that live in that very wet place. She studied music, art and education at the University of Washington from 2001-2007. Hilma lives in Monroe with her husband and two daughters. She is in her 11th year teaching children choir, band, orchestra, guitar and piano. Her hobbies beyond music and art are writing, running and collecting agates. Her Novelettes are; Ones and Zeros and It Reads Worse than it Writes. Hilma is drawn to film composition and has written two short film scores: Out of Focus by Bhaskar in 2011 and Free Smiles by Yoli in 2015. Hilma loves running The Seattle Marathon with her legendary Grandpa, Mel Preedy. "Goooo Grandpa!" Hilma was proposed to while collecting agates with a poem about unicorns.

As an artist, Hilma began showing a unique talent at age 2 thanks to her artistic Mom, April Yantis and Grandma, Sonia Preedy. She got her start by selling sexy and hilarious masterpieces to her uncle from Germany and his friends. Hilma is now public and selling her work online and in galleries thanks to the encouragement of many people. Thank you to Hilma's family, friends and teachers. Thank YOU!

Hilma's art teachers are the awesome and amazing: Ken Rose, Shane Walsh, Zhi Lin and Jamie Bollenbach. Thanks for teaching me everything I know.

"I want to draw what I see. I want to notice and communicate what I've learned to be right. I want to be honest and brave when I'm in the process. I am patient and determined enough to do it well. I hear my teachers' voices when I'm drawing say, "Don't forget to step back, work with a good instrument, details last, see the negative space." -Hilma Josal 2016

Favorite Place: Sucia Island

Favorite Sound: Airplane

Favorite Things to Draw: People and Mess



You can email Hilma Josal: hilma@josal.com

Please contact me if you'd like me to create personalized art for you. It takes me about three months to complete an original drawing or painting. I can't wait to hear what you'd like and work on your awesome project until it's to the highest level I have ever achieved before.